Halloween is around the corner, which for most children means lots of free sweets and all kinds of weird and wonderful treats. It's also a pretty tempting holiday for adults.

We’ve put together a few tips which can help everyone try to avoid cavities this Halloween.

  • Be selective - choose treats that cause the least damage to teeth. Avoid any sweets that are acidic or chewy.
  • Try and avoid hard boiled and sticky sweets - Unless it is a sugar-free product, sweets that stay in the mouth for a long period of time subject teeth to an increased risk for tooth decay.
  • Use fluoride to fight cavities - fluoride can dramatically reduce the damage caused by tooth decay. The most common ways to use fluoride for cavity prevention are by using fluoridated toothpaste and other products. (Children under three years old should brush twice daily, with a smear of toothpaste containing no less than 1000ppm fluoride. Children between three and six years old should brush at least twice daily with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste containing more than 1000ppm fluoride. Adults should brush at least twice daily with a toothpaste containing 1350-1500ppm fluoride.) 
  • Set limits to snack times. Eat, then treat - on Halloween night, allow children to enjoy a few sweets, but only after they've eaten a nutritious meal. Dinner before treats will give children nice full tummies and a little less room for sweets.
  • Rinse away the sugar - drink water to rinse away the sugar after eating, but wait at least 30 minutes before you brush. Brushing straight after eating acidic foods can actually damage your teeth.
  • Brushing twice a day is essential- don’t skip regular brushing and flossing and encourage your children too to adopt good dental care habits.

These are basic dental hygiene tips that actually apply all year long – by following them you’ll find it easier to balance sweet treats with healthy teeth on Halloween.

For those of you celebrating Halloween this weekend- have a happy and safe one!

Avoid Cavities This Halloween

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