They then go through industry leading autoclaves which give computer readings to ensure they have gone through the cycle appropriately. Any failed instruments are put through again.

Like all dental practices, Blaby Dental is compliant with all Department of Health legislation (HTM 01- 05) and we are registered with the CQC. Click here to view our CQC report, which we passed in every section with no areas of concern.

Additionally, at Blaby Dental we take our surgery decontamination and instrument sterilisation procedures very seriously. Although never seen by patients we operate a rigorous, thoroughly documented and regularly audited cleaning procedure so that you can have total confidence that you and your family are in safe hands.

Only completely sterilised instruments are bagged and sealed until the time of your procedure.

We use reverse osmosis filters to ensure the water used in all our dental procedures is even cleaner then distilled bottled water and is a gold standard in water management.

Cross Infection Control

Instruments are checked under a lit magnifying glass to ensure they have been appropriately cleaned.

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