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Matt - 5 stars
Best dentist I have ever had

They are the best and most professional dentist I have ever had. They go to great lengths to ensure that I am relaxed and comfortable throughout my visit. In the 1-2 years that I have been a patient, they have taken the time to get to know me as an individual and has shown an interest in my life - when I go for my appointments now, it’s like catching up with a friend.

On every occasion I am given a detailed treatment plan, and everything is explained clearly to me, including all of the costs. I have also been given some very valuable advice on how to care for my teeth and gums between appointments, to minimise any damage to my teeth.

Each time I have needed treatment, I have been given the option of having or not having anesthesia. I chose to try without anesthetic, and was amazed to find that I experienced no discomfort. It was brilliant to leave the dentist without having a numb mouth!

Steve Bates - 5 stars
The brilliant dentist

Today my daughter Evie had to have 3 baby teeth removed due to overcrowding. It was her first extraction which would include the local anesthesia via a dental needle. As you can imagine at 8 years old she was very nervous, but alas the dentist was absolutely amazing with her, they explained everything and nothing was a rush. They were very reassuring at all times. I work with children in a medical setting myself and appreciate exactly what they were doing. They were professional at all times and may I say they are a credit to your practice. I was that impressed I even shook their hand, we would appreciate it if you would pass on our kindest regards, once again many thanks for looking after our daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Bates

Kerry - 5 stars
Professional, compassionate, caring & friendly

Those are just a few of the words I would use to describe the Dr.

Having received very poor service from my previous dentist, I went in search of a new one, joined Blaby Dental - and became a patient of the Dr's.

They are quite simply, the most professional, yet warm and caring, dentist I have ever met. They take the time to explain all issues, to take me through a treatment plan when necessary - explaining all associated costs very clearly, but more importantly they don't just treat the issue. They ask questions, and take the time to get to the root cause of my issues, so that I can take action to avoid further damage to my teeth in future. I have never had someone show so much care in preventive action in any prior dental practice.

I can’t believe I'm saying this, but I no longer dread going to the dentist.

On my recommendation, my son has also joined the practice and, despite the fact that he now lives over 50 miles away, he returns to get his treatment from the Dr.

A friend of mine was also in extreme pain, as a result of a hole in her tooth. Attempts to book an appointment with her own dentist resulted in a potential wait of around 1 month to be seen. The advice from the Emergency Dental Service was that they would prescribe antibiotics, but would not treat the cause, as it could have been prevented had she sought treatment sooner. In desperation, I got her to call Blaby Dental. She was given an appointment on the next working day, received antibiotics and returned for treatment a week later.

I do, and will continue to, recommend this practice and the Dr to anyone in need of a dentist.

Karen - 5 stars
Caring friendly Practice

Being a little dentist phobic and having to have 4 new crowns and veneer, you can imagine my concerns and worries. Dc Bhatt and all the staff made me feel relaxed and at ease, they talked me through the procedure taking to time to listen to my concerns and reassure me. I was given what i feel to be the best advice and treatment and am completely happy with the treatment I received as a whole.

I would recommend this surgery practice to anyone, especially if you are dentist & needle phobic or just plain scared of dental treatment in general.

David Brough - 5 stars

I and my wife have been fortunate in being treated by this fine practice for 25 years and our present dentist has treated us both since 2006. I am naturally fearful of dentistry and my dentist has treated me with great understanding ensuring I maintained my dignity and more importantly my dental health where they have addressed a number of problems that I have faced ensuring the right treatment has been identified and carried out. They are a fine dentist. They are also supported by wonderful, helpful and friendly practice staff and I wholeheartedly recommend this practice for anyone seeking excellent dental care.