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" I am one of the world’s worst dental patients as I have an exaggerated gag reflex, so bad that I sometimes even have difficulties when I am giving my own teeth a deep clean. Every time I attend for a check up or treatment I have to steel myself for the appointment. As long as the dentist does not touch my tongue (impossible?) I am fine but once that happens it sets off the reflex.  I try very hard to relax but as we all know, lying on your back whilst someone is poking around in your mouth with the potential for pain, is not easy. I almost feel sorry for the poor dentist who has to treat me. Dr Bhatt is one of the very few dentists who has had the patience and gentleness to make me feel at ease. He takes his time and stops when I want him to and always explains what he is doing as he goes along. He shows a real interest in me as a person and encourages me to try to breathe properly and relax. Unfortunately as I am getting older my teeth are showing their age and I am seeing Dr Bhatt rather more than I would have liked to be doing .I still get anxious going to the dentist but I would not trust anyone else to look after me as well as Dr Bhatt.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr Bhatt to you as a dentist with a real flair for dealing with nervous, reluctant and difficult patients like me! "


" I had not been to see a dentist since I was 14, due to a bad experience.
My daughter had just turned one and I knew it was time. Lead by example, how can I expect Maggie to go and yet I wasn't, (a little two faced) plus I don't want my children to have the same fears.
My husband registered us at his dentist in Blaby, booked the appointment, so i had no choice to go.
On the morning I remember feeling nervous, not been for over 16 years, was the dentist was going to pull all my teeth out? Was he going to use that pointy thing that looks like a hook?? There were lots of questions going round in my head.

I walked into the dentist; the receptionist was very friendly and tried there best to put me at ease. I sat down for my name to be called "Mrs Fawkes to room 1" oh no this is it.
I knocked on the door, "come in" in a friendly voice, Dr Bhatt was waiting for me, nice friendly welcome and spoke to me in a way I was at ease very quickly. He was not like my last dentist, he takes time to see you and talk to you.
I lay on the chair, I told him I'd never been to a Dentist for 16 years, Dr Bhatt didn't judge or shake his head, nothing. I was becoming more at ease. Dr Bhatt explained step by step everything he was doing, so I knew what to expect. He spoke about my family, holidays anything to take my mind off lying on the dentist chair.
He was finished, I had done it, I had been to the dentist.
I now go every 6 months without fail, I still get very nervous on the day but as soon as I'm in the room with Dr Bhatt I get the same friendly welcome, same treatment by my nerves/mind being at ease as I did on my first time.
I walk in now, and he must see hundreds of patients yet he knows my children's names, asks how they are, talks about them, all to put me at ease and make me feel welcome (which I definitely do)."



" My Name is Sarah and I am 34 years old. I want to share my story to help give someone hope, and to say there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist since I was a child this was due to a bad experience with a root filling and horrible dentist. If I could have put my fear on a scale between 1 and 10, it would have been 101!!

Over the years I have been to countless dentists who have all made me feel bad, embarrassed or have not treated me with sensitivity that I needed due to the anxiety that had built up over time, no patience for someone like me. I would attend the first appointment never to return. I couldn’t cope with the judgement and the shame of how bad I let mouth get. I couldn’t count how many painful abscesses and infections I have struggle through over the years, not being able to eat properly. Gradually loosing my confidence and teeth I trained myself to always smile with my mouth closed, talking to people covering my mouth, a habit that became my everyday. My bad teeth ruled my life!

I chipped my front tooth one day on some crusty bread (not the first time) but quite a bit more noticeable than before, I cried not because of the pain but I knew it was time I had to do something about it and call a dentist to face my fear!!!!

I found Blaby Dental Practice, it was local and I had never been there before, read there website and gave them a call, explaining in tears how I am with anxiety, how embarrassed I was and, how long it had been since seeing a dentist. The lady on the phone was really understanding and helpful and quickly got me an appointment for the following week.

The day of my first appointment, I was full of anxiety, panic attacks I felt physically sick. I arrived at the surgery Dr Bhatt came out of the room to meet me, I was a complete mess by this point. I walked into the room and sat down. Dr Bhatt spoke to me to try and get me to calm down. I tried to explain through my tears how embarrassed I was about my teeth and my long painful journey in getting to this point.

He was so understanding and patient, he spoke to me for a while before asking to have a look in my mouth, he gave me the time to explain how I felt, he didn’t judge me, he made me to feel at ease, he didn’t make me feel ashamed of the mess I had got myself into and gave me the confidence to show him my nightmare.

After a look around the ruins in my mouth Dr Bhatt explained the treatment I would need and how it would feel. The relief I felt from the appointment was amazing, even though there were tough times ahead, I could do this! I didn’t want to let him or myself down!

One week later was the first of my treatments, full of anxiety and feeling terrified I plucked up the courage to go hoping I could get through my 20 minute appointment.

Everything he said he did and everything he said I wouldn’t feel didn’t, Dr Bhatt worked so quickly explaining each and every step as he did it. He was so encouraging and kind. I felt so proud of myself and I felt I could trust him completely in everything he said and did for me.

My next appointment was the hardest thing I have ever faced in my life, and I have given birth twice, I was to have what was left of my upper teeth pulled and a denture fitted, again Dr Bhatt worked quick encourage me all the way through, but I did it!!
I know I still have a way to go until I’m completely healed and I have returned to see him twice since and, if I could put my fear on a scale again now it would be 5.

It is so hard to put into words what Dr Bhatt has done for me, he is an amazing man whom has given me my life back and made me smile again I can’t thank him enough. "